Soia Patagonia
About Us

About Us

Soia Patagonia is a company dedicated to the export of soy products for animal consumption of high quality.

Our vision is to become a benchmark for soybean products worldwide, not leaving aside our values and promises with this market

Our vision

Continue to grow at the institutional level to become strategic partners of producers by combining our values and objectives with them.

Our mission

Our youth shows us a way forward to meet all our goals in the most efficient way possible for us as well as for our suppliers and customers.

The experience of our employees and our youth as a company makes us a great option to become a strategic partner.


We work with the best producers in Argentina to provide the best quality to our customers, with the support of our strong quality controls.


We handle the least waiting times that International Trade allows, as we understand the need of our customers by providing short-term solutions.


Argentina is in a strategic place to make shipments worldwide, so we are in the right place to be your ally in foreign trade.